Open Love

Widely opened for everything,
Everything might change when everyone notice what really you inside,
Judged by the whole crowed like you did something big sin,

love has no limit,
love could be the most powerful thing on earth,
being in love is not a sin,
love has no gender,
love can change all people’s heart,
love is the reason why we are harmonized,

Being in a relationship to someone with the same as what all you have could be judged by The humanity,
But who are you in loved with? probably not the crowd,
so just let it be just fight for your rights,
no one may conclude you as a person,

Gender doesn’t matter, love could be the most powerful in the world,
its like a curse that will never leave you.
Never be afraid to be judged, as long as you know yourself and what really makes you YOU
Don’t mind the words whispering in your ears, just listen to your heart and to your love one.

Stay being yourself, as long as you’re not stepping to someones life.
It’s just you and the one you love against the humanity and whole world.


Love Probably The Reason





In Every Blizzard There’s Someone Who Will Lit A Fire To Give You Warmth

In people’s heart who’s been alone and been buried nowhere,
Forgotten and Inbound and leave no mark even a single existent of a thing,
There’s always one who will be the warmth in every blizzard,
They might be some where and wandering around looking for a living frozen,

In every Glaciers there will be always a reason to Thaw it.
In every Frozen Heart there will be a time to Thaw it,
In every Crystalline there’s always a thing to Thaw it,

Thawing a person’s heart could harm you.
In every frostbite there will be a warmth only for you.
Without knowing, there’s someone who’s watching over you.

Theres No Frostbite, Blizzard, Icebergs, Glaciers, Avalanche,
nor Hail Storms could stop someones heart for saving a Frozen Heart,
Thawing it will be the only cure for the hunger of the heart even though,
You might be struck by the sharp crystalline or Be Impaled.

Crying in Cryosphere could be the worst.
But in Every Tears of you, always remember that there’s someone
who’s always be there to Thaw it and Ready to gamble his/her life
just to Warm you.


In Every Blizzard There’s Someone Who Will Lit A Fire To Give You Warmth

In Love

Being in love is the most hardest thing, specially when you didn’t know if you will be catched by the person you were falling in to.
It’s like a gamble that you didn’t know if you could win or lose.

sometimes we thought that we are in loved but the truth is we just felt things.
Infatuations, crush, adore, desire, and being In love are all not the same.

You can tell when you felt it, it’s deeper than anything else,
Some say’s that it’s magical,
Like you were living in a fantasy world,
Give’s you Freak even just in a silhouette

Being In love is like a drug that you can’t moved on to when you been imprisoned there’s no way back nor you cannot escape.

Forever and Lifetime

Sometimes we have to be “IN” …
Some says It’s Corny, Some says It’s boring, Some says It Doesn’t matter anymore.
But in the end, We are all gonna Fall at the same ground.
Some thought that it’s Love…
Love at first sight,
First love never dies,
and so many more.
We all do believe in Forever,
we all should be, But it always depends on the topic.
Just to clarify, Love really is forever, beliefs, poems, and even our family names.
But sometimes…
Have You ever think about LIFETIME?
Just to be true, or just from fantasies pull back into reallity, There are no such IMMORTAL that last ethernally…
It only means that, Forever might not really do exist in terms of life.
Only the oath and vows and promising Words could last forever.

Without Immortality we would never have Forever nor ethernity.
Im saying these words not because I’m Bitter or whatever, but I’m just being concious in Reallity…


Don’t Look Back to Someone Who’s Spending his/her Time To Someone Else, Spend Your Time To Someone Who Loves You More Than How You Think


But in the end whatever it takes, even though you knew at the first place that, your love will just vanish someday and your love ones will,
at least we did what we wanted,
we chose what will satisfy us, No regrets at all,
So you should never be afraid to love and to be loved again

LIFE as a Student a Friend and Bestfriend

We all have our own decisions in life, we all have our own dreams that we wanted to achieve someday, some plans and goals in life that we want to reach.
We should always encourage ourselves to take a risk and bear with all the burdens and problems that we are facing everyday in our life as a student.

Being a student is like a big responsibility that we cannot escape no matter where we go, no matter where we do, no matter how we hide, and runaway on it, the more closer it will be on your side.
But this is just a part of our lives, actually many adults who already graduated in their degrees said that somehow being a student really is a pain in ass, but sooner and later when you already graduated you’ll gonna miss all the things you do when you were still a student, they somehow said that, don’t be stressed out as a student just enjoy it and let all the times be remarkable so that when you graduated and have your career in life,
there are things that you could remember, those time when you felt so in love but the truth is it’s just a puppy love,
those time when you can’t breathe when your crush is so close and your friends are teasing you, those times when your teacher scold you even though it’s not your fault it’s was your bestie’s fault but you we’re just like “I dunn give a sh*t”. and then slam your friend and just laugh out loud.

And… one more thing,
about the Bestfriend thing, we all have close friends, true friends, fake friends, friends for fun, and soo many other…
But at the end of it we all have someone that really dears to you and that person already have a place in your heart and it’s like a jigsaw puzzle that without him/her you’re not complete and it only belongs to one person, Bestfriend is not just a friend that you could talk with when you have some problems, hangout with when you have some spare time,…
Bestfriend is way, more like family… that all your flaws, attitudes and real traits when you’re at home and showing your imperfections and


Friends Who Would Never fade Away

But in the end We all could live without a love life, But  We all can’t live without a True Friends and specially a Bestfriend.

What is LOVE

In our generation, Love is very commonly used… Topics,Issues, etc.
But for the truth…
Love Motivates us,
Love Manipulate us,
Love Manifest us,
Love Invades us,
Love Enlightens us.

Love can change every persons life,
and because of if we keep peace and harmony.
Love really lies beyond all myths,legends,perfections,imperfections,flaws and so many other things.

The reason why we always give a lot of meaning towards love is because LOVE does not really have any meaning. It only depends on how you take it and how you appreciate it and how you imply it to yourself, you cannot define it by yourself if you yourself doesn’t love your own yourself. It All always Starts with you.

Love might be more sharp than Macuahuitl,Tomoyuki Yamashita’s Sword,Honjo Masamune,Napoleon’s Sword,Joyeuse…
that even without any physical attachment could cut and hurt you, which makes you bleed and leave a scar that could possibly be a mark of your past, a mistake, something that did not work out.
You should still be Valiant and audacious to take anything that faces and walk on your life.


A Path That Nobody can Tell what really Lies at the end